Discover the Benefits of Better Footwear

Discover the Benefits of Better Footwear

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Whether you're hitting the asphalt or blazing the trail, the right shoes can make all the difference. Visiting Velocity Newaygo is a step in the right direction. We carry a variety of high-performance shoes for everything from your weekly run on the treadmill to ultramarathons.

Struggling to find the right fit? No problem-you can trust our footwear experts to help you find the perfect pair for your feet.

Call us at 231-452-6564 now to discuss your footwear needs with a local pro.

Select the right shoes and socks

At Velocity Newaygo, we make the comfort of your feet a priority. How do we do it? We offer a variety of quality products like:

  • Vivobarefoot shoes-minimalist shoes that are perfect for everything from hiking to weightlifting.
  • Altra shoes-specialized shoes designed to withstand daily wear and tear and the pressure of ultramarathons. They are the official shoe brand of Spartan Race.
  • Socks-no foot is truly comfortable without the right socks. We carry top-notch socks that will protect your feet in your new shoes.

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