Halo Headband

Halo Headband

We simply got tired of sweat getting in our eyes! Here's how it started...

My partner and I have been competitive athletes our entire lives. We have participated in numerous sports and activities including cross country mountain bike racing, adventure racing, Xterra events, 24 Hours of Adrenalin races, lacrosse, tennis, racquetball, and even running across the Grand Canyon and back.

During all these years of training and competing in the hot Southern California sun, we experienced one common problem... stinging, burning eyes from salty sweat constantly dripping in them. After asking other competitors if they had the same problem, most of them responded, "Yes". They all seem to have a story whether it was a crash, near miss, or just annoyed due to the sweat in their eyes and on their glasses.

We tried every headband out there, only to find they only worked temporarily. Once an ordinary headband became saturated, it would drip sweat into our eyes impairing our vision. That is no fun when you're racing a mountain bike at 25 mph on rough terrain.

That's when we decided to develop our own headband, one that actually worked. We wanted to make the best performing headband in the world.

After two long years of hard work testing ideas and various prototypes, we came up with a solution. It is a water-tight seal on the inside of the headband we dubbed Sweat Seal Grip Technology. The seal actually channels sweat to the sides, out of your face, even if it becomes saturated. It worked so well we were amazed. We had everyone we know from amateur to professional athletes try it out. The response was great. They loved it as much as we did. It was so good that we decided to patent the technology. The Halo Headband was born and is now the best headband on the market today.