We travel because the best things in life are not things at all - they are the experiences we earn and the stories we share. Matador started in 2014 with the vision to bring outdoor-industry expertise to the pursuit of travel. All products are designed and tested at our headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Matador Equipment is designed to perform in any conditions or natural elements. Our products are conceptualized with specific application in mind. We methodically choose features that are necessary, and eliminate those that are not. We aim to create more efficient and effective ways to pack and travel. With the application of cutting edge materials and advanced construction techniques. The right travel gear will enhance your motivation to get out there, and propel you forward into the unknown.

One of the bags we carry is called the Freerain 22 Waterproof Packable Backpack. This bag has a 22 liter capacity and features a waterproof main compartment with internally sealed seams. It also has a rolltop closure which features an integrated zipper closure. This bag can compress into the included mesh compression sack for easy travel.

The FlatPak toiletry cases come in two varieties: waterproof and zipper. These toiletry cases are ultralight and leakproof, so a perfect item to carry shower necessities without the worry of leaking into your other bags. The FlatPak Zipper Toiletry case has a 2.25 Liter capacity with a flexible design that can adapt to the size of your items inside the bag, and features a flat bottom design to sit on countertops for convenient access. The FlatPak Waterproof Toiletry case has a 2 Liter capacity with a flexible design that adapts to the contents inside the bag, has a Hypalon rolltop closure and buckle, and features a flat bottom design to sit upright and open on a countertop or other surface.

Matador's Pocket Blanket is also a great travel necessity. This blanket packs into its own storage pouch, which is just slightly larger than a deck of cards. It provides water resistant seating for 2-4 adults, has an easy pack pattern when refolding, integrated and tethered corner stakes for windy conditions and enhanced waterproofing for long term protection.